Saturday, 6 September 2008

A day in the life ...

From 'At Swim Two Birds' by Flann O'Brien

Nature of daily regime or curriculum: Nine-thirty a.m. rise, wash, shave and proceed to breakfast; this on insistence of my uncle, who was accustomed to regard himself as the sun of the household, recalling all things to wakefulness on his own rising.

10.30. Return to bedroom.

12.00. Go, weather permitting, to College, there conducting light conversation on diverse topics with friends, or with acquaintances of casual character.

2.00 pm. Go home for lunch.

3.00. Return to bedroom. Engage in spare-time literary activity, or read.

6.00. Have tea in company with my uncle, attending in a perfunctory manner to the replies required by his talk.

7.00 Return to bedroom and rest in darkness.

8.00. Continue resting or meet acquaintances in open thoroughfares or places of public resort.

11.00. Return to bedroom.

Minutiae: No. of cigarettes smoked, average 8.3; glasses of stout or other comparable intoxicant, av. 1.2; times to stool, av. 2.65; hours of study, av. 1.4; spare-time or recreative pursuits, 6.63 circulating.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Physical Noise

Trying to think of as many physics based tunes as possible - came up with 5. Ideas?

Thanks to Brian and Dan who came up with British Sea Power (Atom) and They Might be Giants

Hmm seems like the service does not exist any longer ...

Monday, 19 May 2008

What would Jesus do?

Got this email a while back from a work colleague of mine. Made me laugh.

Subject: GraceX Machine

Szup Bruvvaz, I require your advise...

There are some emission files I forgot to take from the GraceX computer, those
20060927_****, 20060928_**** and 20060929_****

What would Jesus do?
(I've searched the Good Book for references to FTP, but turned up none. But then
again it was the King James Version, so I'm stumped.)


Saturday, 5 April 2008

Inverse Law of Lateness

It's a well known fact amongst postgraduate students that the closer one lives to their work, the later one starts the day.

After living in Clondalkin for a while (some miles out of Dublin town) I found myself catching the half seven express bus to arrive before nine, whereas people on or near campus generally come in around noon, then usually go for coffee. It's not just me as well, there are others.

I should point in my defence that the net time spent in office though is roughly the same. Commuters tend to be nine-to-fivers, whilst the rest of us are in til unholy hours of the night, albeit writing blogs.


Like Moses from the grave, I've decided to resurrect the blog.

Of course there can only be one reason for this which is that I am doing my write-up for my masters.

I realise there has been a ton of stuff happened since I last posted but it is too much to summarise in this box I'm writing in (which I have already half filled, why don't they give you more space?) so I won't in entirety. But I am doing a masters now not a PhD and I'm probably going back to the UK in the mid summer.

Should also thanks Aaron McDaid (the teetotal techno-loving Donegalman) for getting me back typing. There is a link to his fledgling blog ...

... here


Check out the new threads for 'Science and that sort of thing'.